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Here we provide you basic information about the Bitcoin on the history, characteristics and prospects of Bitcoin. The first currency free of any bank manipulation.
The name Bitcoin is composed of the words–bit (binary digit) and coin (Coin) and means literally virtual money, which results from computer calculations.
The first Bitcoin was created in 2009 and is based on the idea of an encrypted means of payment. The philosophy of Bitcoin is fundamentally different to that of conventional currencies.

Bitcoin Basics

SEPA Deposit0.00
SEPA Withdrawal Europe1.50
Withdrawal (Worldwide)8.50
SOFORT transfer to 50 €1.50
SOFORT transfer from 50 €2.90 %
30 days € volumeFee
< 5000 €0,25%
< 10000 €0,24%
< 25000 €0,23%
< 50000 €0,22%
< 60000 €0,21%
< 70000 €0,20%
< 80000 €0,19%
< 90000 €0,19%
< 100000 €0,17%
< 150000 €0,16%
< 200000 €0,15%
< 300000 €0,14%
< 400000 €0,13%
< 500000 €0,12%
< 750000 €0,11%
> 750000 €0,10%

ZYADO guarantees safety based on many years of IT experience, a maximum performance with powerful server the highest level of seriousness.

1. What are Bitcoins ?

Bitcoin is a peer–to–peer payment system introduced as open source software in 2009. The digital currency created and used in the system is alternatively referred to as a virtual currency, electronic money, or acryptocurrency because cryptography is used to control its creation and transfer. Conventionally, the capitalized word 'Bitcoin' refers to the technology and network, whereas lowercase 'bitcoin' refers to the digital currency. The Bitcoin system is not controlled by a single entity, like a central bank, and this has led the US Treasury to call bitcoin a decentralized currency.
(External Links: en.wikipedia.org)

2. Does ZYADO sell Bitcoins?

ZYADO just offers a trading platform. We ensure an easy and secure way of trading at our platform between Seller and Buyer, and guarantee the receipt of money on one hand, and receipt of Bitcoins on the other, at the agreed trading value.

3. How to start?

You create a free account (Register). After entering the appropriate information, you will receive an email with a Hyperlink for approval. After registration you verify your account with appropriate documents.
The documents to verify identity documents are valid and current accounts evidencing your registered address. The documents to verify identity documents are valid and current accounts evidencing your registered address.These documents must be valid for at least 1 month, and not older than 3 month.
Valid identification documents are:
Identity card, passport or driver's license, the at least is one more month valid or at least valid since one month.
Accepted documents for verification are:
Telephone bill, payments on account (water, electricity, gas, etc.) house rental payments, health insurance, etc. The date of the invoice is not older than 3 month.
After successful registration and verification you pay, according to your choice, by BTC or EUR to your Zyado account.

After the posting date of your value, you can trade at Zyado.

4. How to trade?

Once your account is created, please Login and use BTC Trade. Now you can choose, Sell or Buy.

5. How to deposit money to your account?

By giro bank transfer ( Leadtime according to common transfer time, depending to your bank )

6. How to transfer Bitcoins to your ZYADO account?

Please find the menu item Deposit Bitcoin where you find your personal Bitcoinadress, that you need for the transfer.

7. What is Instant Buy?

Instant Buy w/o Limit includes the potential risk, to buy Bitcoins at a different price, in case that your order is not completely covered by a single offer.

8. What is the Orderbook?

The Orderbook is a summary of a current Sell– and Buy Orders.

9. Is trading at ZYADO safe and reliable?

Customer safety is a first priority for us. To protect our customers, we meet all current safety standards, as well as SSL encryption and 2-way authentication. Furthermore, our servers are created to protect the integrity of our servers to Ensure daily security scans. We use several distributed Europe server in order to fend off attacks better.
Please always make sure when you access our site, the SSL-encrypted page is used.


Please do not proceed if a different URL is shown in your browser.
If you suspect you have discovered a phishing site, please contact us immediately. (Contact button)
Please use a unique password for Zyado.com. Do not use this password for other sites / accounts.

10. How to withdraw money back to my bank account?

Please use the menu item ´withdraw´ at the account section ´Account´. We will issue the withdrawal of your selected amount, to your registerd bank account.

11. Fees and Costs

Zyado calculated from the buyer / seller for each carried out buy / sell an exchange fee of 0.10% to 0.25% of the trade value staggered after 30 daily volume.
see fees

12. What is a 2-way authentication?

With the 2-way authentication, we introduced additional security for your Zyado account. Currently we support the 2-way authentication by using Google Apps authentication. These are available for Android and iOS.
After installing the app and activating the 2-way authentication, please scan the QR code on our homepage.
There is a security key generated (please keep it in a safe place), you need to go to zyado to enter and a 6 digit code displayed in the app to.
This code is periodically regenerated and every time you log in to zyado and would have paid some of the 2-way code must be entered. This system serves as an additional safety feature.

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